R2 Water Technology



R2 Water Technology is the premier pool and spa water purifying company.

By using high pressure membrane filtration we are able to remove dissolved solids, organic compounds and metals that typically remain in pool water after normal cleaning processes. Previously the only process available to remove these elements involved emptying the entire pool and refilling. We offer a more environmentally friendly solution as well as creating water that is of higher quality than water typically used to fill pools.

  Call us (805) 770-3927 for FREE Water Testing and Estimate! R2 Water Technologies serves Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties.

Don’t dump the pool because of poor water quality,

we have the technology to bring it back!

Mobile trailer, brings state of the art technology to your pool.

Mobile trailer, brings state of the art technology to your pool.

I congratulate the team at R2 Water Technology for staying on top of the project and doing an excellent job restoring my pool to like new status – the water has not looked this good for a really long time! I highly recommend JP and the team at R2 Water Technology for any pool project, big or small.
— Kent R Elder

R2 system is Eco Friendly:

- Water is recycled

- Extends lifetime of plaster/equipment

- Requires less chemicals to sanitize water

- Only the waste water is sent into the sewer unlike dumping the entire swimming pool, which would go into storm drains, streams and the ocean untreated

- New Montecito and Santa Barbara pools are required to be filled with well water from a source outside of the county, these sources can already be very high in TDSs and can age the pool from the outset

R2 is New and Innovative

- Specifically designed to filter swimming pool water

- Latest in high pressure membrane technology to filter items under 5 microns

- Accurate before and after testing results shared with the client

- Can remove mineral deposits on tile and that have entered and stained the pool plaster

- Newly cleaned water requires less chemicals to maintain

About the Process

- 10% of the water goes out as waste

- The finished water is better quality then tap water

- Water is again tested after cleaning to ensure quality

and to re-balance the optimal pool chemistry.

 - #1 solution for not draining your pool to improve water quality.

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Improve your water quality!

High calcium hardness and TDS levels are what bathers and pool maintenance workers complain about. Our Unique process also protects your plaster and pool equipment infrastructure. The newly conditioned water is better than the water that was put into the pool the day it was filled.


My pool was out of control and none of the chemicals were working. I was told I needed to drain the pool, but with the drought that was out of the question. I am so happy I called R2 Water Technology and working with them was a very pleasant experience.

Sherman T.